BBC News – Flat owners should be given new rights, concludes CMA

The study previously found that some property managers were engaging contractors on the basis of how much commission they would earn for themselves, rather than the value for money they would provide.

“Many property managers provide a good service to leaseholders, but protection against the worst failures by property managers is vital, because when problems do occur, they have a major impact on leaseholders,” said Rachel Merelie, a senior director at the CMA who led the study.

The report recommends:

  • Property managers should set out clear improvement plans, justifying all charges and any commission they are earning. They should also disclose any corporate relationships with contractors or landlords
  • There should be a new mediation service, to prevent leaseholders having to go to court if they are unhappy about the level of charges
  • Flat-buyers should be given more information about service charges and ground rent when they get the property details from the estate agent.
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Less waste to Veolia who profit from you carrying waste to their Black Communal Bins.If more than 1/2 your street joins in we can start asking the tax you pay for waste collection perhaps £4000 per year for a street of 80 homes! be used to support thiś scheme.

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At the 2014 SHBL AGM our chairman claimed that the CCTV had been withdrawn on advice from Sussex Police but declined to provide any written evidence of this advice, even in the form of minutes. The only fact we know is that Aram was witnessed disabling this service, apparently in a fit of pique following the incident on B1 where a resident spotted the caretakers partner lying on the floor.

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Sweeping Up Reserves

(vi) In addition to the items of cost and expenditure mentioned or referred to in sub-clause (v) of this Clause 4 there shall be included in the annual maintenance cost commencing with the year ending the thirty-first day of March One thousand nine hundred and seventy such slim as the Lessor’s managing Agents or Surveyors shall reasonably consider desirable to be retained by the Lessor by way of a Reserve Fund as reasonable provision for such of the costs expenses outgoings and other matters mentioned or referred to in sub-clause (v) of this Clause as are not of a regularly recurrent annual nature PROVIDED THAT the amount standing to the credit of such Reserve Fund and being not then appropriated to meet liabilities actually Incurred nor specifically appropriated to meet the cost of periodic expenditure on redecorating the exterior of the Buildings or the common parts or an replacement of any furniture equipment or apparatus In the common parts shall be brought Into account by way of deduction In calculating the annual maintenance cost for the year ending on the Thirty-first day of March One thousand nine hundred and twenty-four and for each successive seventh year calculated therefrom.

In other words money collected for reserves must be reviewed and refunded on the following dates:
1973, 1980, 1987, 1994, 2001, 2008, 2015

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